Successor Trustee Handbook

Welcome to Kling Law Offices’ Successor Trustee Handbook

We designed this Successor Trustee Handbook to be kept and referenced by anyone named as a Successor Trustee (or as the Executor of a Will). It will help you better understand the broad scope of responsibilities and duties of being a Trustee.

If you have completed your Estate Planning, this is also a useful guide to give to the people you have named as your successor decision maker(s). In the event you are incapacitated, or have passed away, this Handbook will give your Successor Trustee the tools he/she needs to properly move forward administering your Trust and Estate.

Download Your Complimentary Successor Trustee Handbook

Simply complete the information below and you will be able to download a PDF of the Successor Trustee Handbook (requires Adobe Acrobat or other PDF reading software to view).