VIP Membership

Kling Law Offices recognizes that estate planning is not a one-time endeavor. Once a plan is conceived and put in place, life changes and the ever-changing legal landscape necessitate periodic reviews and document updates. To meet this need and offer a more permanent solution for clients, Kling Law Offices developed its VIP Membership Program to effectively manage clients’ overall estate planning needs to ensure maximum wealth preservation and ease the estate planning process.

Members enjoy a number of ongoing benefits, which include:

  • Documents will be reviewed and updated based on life changes (marital status, births/deaths, etc.) and changes in the law.
  • Proactive meetings with the Kling Law Offices team (including family meetings and meetings with other professional advisors such as CPAs or financial advisors, if desired).
  • Updates to documents to ensure continued desired outcomes.
  • Open communication with Kling Law Offices without being billed for a five-minute telephone call.

In addition, VIP Membership affords an overall peace of mind. Members are best positioned to be confident that their estate planning strategies and documents will always be appropriate, legally sound and up to date, and they feel comfortable and confident having the ability to call upon the firm’s services, advice and guidance—all covered by the VIP Membership Program.

There are many more details about the array of services and benefits provided by the VIP Membership Program. For more information contact us. The Kling Law Offices team would be happy to further explain the program and answer any questions.