Estate Planning

Medical Planning in Your Estate Plan

Michael Kling  |  December 12, 2018

You might think the most important reason to have an estate plan is distributing assets according to your wishes and desires, and it would be hard to disagree with that idea. We think it is also important to consider the importance of your medical documents and the role t...

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Titling Your Assets in Your Estate Plan

Titling Your Assets the “Right” Way

Michael Kling  |  November 15, 2018

Once you have executed your estate planning documents, it is important to remember that the process is incomplete until you confirm how your assets are titled. Your estate planning documents cover a lot of information and give directions about how your estate should be di...

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Trust Fund Kids

Incentivizing Your Trust Fund Kid

Michael Kling  |  October 15, 2018

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “trust fund kid”? Your answer may not be a positive one. The popular stereotype lets us believe trust fund kids are over-privileged, spoiled, and never learn the value of work. Nevertheless, if your desire is to leave an inher...

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Pet Trusts

Pet Trusts Can Provide for Your Furry Loved Ones

Michael Kling  |  September 15, 2018

It is not unusual for pet lovers to ask about providing for their beloved animal(s) as part of creating a complete estate plan. As with our non-furry loved ones, there is often a strong sense of responsibility to ensure the ongoing comfort and care of one’s animals. The w...

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Do 529 Plans Fit Into Your Planning?

Michael Kling  |  August 15, 2018

The 529 plan was originally designed as a savings account specifically to pay for qualified higher education expenses, including tuition, books, room, and board. Further expanding 529 plans, the 2017 tax reforms established qualified withdrawals for K-12 school tuition at...

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